NEXT COHORT starts january, 21st 2024

The Social Edge

Learn how to connect with anyone, feel comfortable in your own skin, and develop a set of social skills that will give you a true advantage in life and work.

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Some Unique Features of the Social Edge

360 Feedback - Learn How You Are Actually Perceived by Others
Throughout the Social Edge you will have multiple recorded interactions and giving/receiving feedback. All of the feedback gets aggregated into a detailed 360 assessment that will change the way you view your own behavior.
Designed for the Complexity of the Human Experience
Most social skills programs are too basic to actually be useful. This program is grounded in nuance and is focused on teaching pragmatic approach that solves for the complexity of human interaction.
High Levels of Support and a Cohesive Community
Transforming how you social interact is a robust process that requires you to push your comfort zone, receive feedback, and a lot more. The Social Edge contains very high levels of support and one of the most cohesive communities you will ever experience.