Exploring the depths of human behavior, perception, and connection

A nontraditional lab focused on building the technology required to scale the study of human behavior
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The Quick


We design and execute large scale studies on human behavior in a wide range of social contexts. We create the technology necessary for behavioral analysis and research at scale. We share clean and insanely robust datasets with other labs and institutions.
Many of our workflows are ML driven. We are actively exploring and inventing new tools to dissect human behavior and communication into it’s most basic elements.
We are very interested in AR/VR/XR + ML. We believe a massive breakthrough in education will come from AR/VR/XR + ML and we aim to use them to help people to navigate the complexity of social interactions.
We are currently a fully distributed lab, but will have a home base in Austin, Texas 2024.
You can learn a lot more about our process and what we do below!

Our Observational

Research Process

Step 1


Our process starts with our studies, which are designed to capture the spectrum of human interactions through diverse sampling and a unique methodology. We use multiple camera angles and various biofeedback devices to capture and measure behavior.
Step 2


Next, we break down and code behavior using a mixture of quantitative and qualitative measures. Our process involves coding all observable movement. For example, we code every single facial movement, spoken word, and even create customized measures for accurately recording any human movement.
Step 3


Our analysis is about understanding the link between human perception and behavioral data. We use machine learning and a wide range of technologies to gain deep insights into human perception and behavior.
Step 4


We are always looking for technological solutions to speed up our workflows and are constantly inventing new solutions that make quantitative behavioral research possible.

Our Projects

As we navigate the puzzle of human behavior, perception, and communication we are creating some cool tools!

The Behavioral Database

The largest database of coded human behavior. Diverse samples with unprecedented levels of behavioral and psychophysiological data.

The Holocron

Utilizing XR and AI to create the next wave of behavior based educational platforms. Basically, the most effective way for learning high level social skills.

Perception Engine

Enabling large scale studies of human perception at scale. The objective is to create a greater understanding of nonverbal behavior that affects human perception and decision making.

Facial Denominator

Breaking down human facial movement into its most basic elements. Enabling machines to see what we see and more.

Soul Reader

AI driven behavioral analysis for poker players - The first system designed to turn all observable movement at the poker table into data for analysis. Learn more at Beyond Tells.

Academic Archive

A centralized, organized, and ranked database of studies focused on understanding human behavior.

The People Making it Happen

Meet some of our team members!

Blake Eastman

Founder of The Nonverbal Group
His entire life has been dedicated to Psychology and Nonverbal Behavior and has started several companies fueled by his passion to better understand human behavior.
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Kyongsik Yun

Kyongsik Yun is a technologist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. He received his Ph.D. in Bioengineering from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). He completed his postdoctoral fellowship at Caltech.
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Upcoming Studies

This schedule will be expanded but these are the current studies we have planned for 2023/2024
June 2022

Beyond Tells 3.0

Our third behavioral study on poker players.
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August 2022

The Battery

An ongoing observational study designed to capture the nuances of human communication.
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October 2022

The Conversation

Focused on understanding the mechanics and underlying constructs of human conversation.
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March 2023

The Comedy Show

The nonverbal aptitude of comedians, measuring laughter, and more.
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June 2023

The Presentation

An observational study on the effectiveness of various presentation styles.
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