A behavioral approach towards improving organizational communication.

Organizations are often held back by systemic friction found within communication. Our behavioral based approach allows us to identify and work through these problems by creating a new set of tools that fosters leadership, transparency, and orgnizational efficiency.

“Blake, was one of the most effective and engaging speakers we have ever had. He is the Big Mac of Speakers”
Al Pittampalli
CEO of Trasferwise
“Blake, was one of the most effective and engaging speakers we have ever had. He is the Big Mac of Speakers”
Al Pittampalli
CEO of Trasferwise

We use the following tools to create data driven paths for behavioral change.

Our programs are far from typical experiences. We believe the only way to achieve behavioral change is through immersion. Utilizing technology and high levels of accountability we craft experiences that change behavior, improve culture and reduce friction.

Video Recording

You can’t learn to read, control, or modify behavior without seeing it. Through extensive video recording you can see your behavioral blindspots and help understand how to improve them.

Sprint Based Structure

Our programs are structured in sprints with specific milestones and engagements that are created before starting. These are way more then “just a phone call once a week”

High Levels of Accountability & Support

Accountability is a key part of our immersion programs. You will have a team of people making sure you are staying on task and helping you walk the path we created.

Real Life Assignments

Each sprint is designed to teach and illlcit the tools of behavioral change. Throughout the sprints we take everything we learned and actively apply it in our work and personal life.

An Evidence Based Approach

Our programs are built using an evidence based approach and fine tuned with your personal data. Our extensive assessment and observation process allows us to create efficient paths for behavioral change.


SkinnerBOT is our behavioral based conditioning software that allows us to stay in touch with our clients during our sprints. It’s a text based tool that ensures high levels of accountability and immersion.


Presentations, workshops &
customized programs.

We divide our corporate training into two distinct cateogories. Workshops/presentations and customized programs.



1-3 hours

Our workshops and presentations are focused on opening your companies eyes to the world of behavior. Each presentation is customized for your organization and includes video examples, individual feedback, and a 10 day challenge designed to integrate everything learned.

  • Smiles Dissected

    A 2 hour workshop designed to teach you how people hide their true emotionality and intentions behind smiles. After the presentation we put each participant through a 10 day smile challenge so they can integrate smile dissection into their day to day interactions.

  • The Dangerous 7 - How to use Nonverbal Behavior to Identify Organizational Friction

    A 3 hour workshop that will go over the behavioral indications of systemic problems with organization communication. You will learn what to look for and how to address it.

  • The Behavioral Sales Pitch

    A 3 hour workshop that focuses on the behavioral side of selling. Learn a systematic process for integrating behavioral awareness into how your organization sells.

  • The Foundations of Nonverbal Behavior

    Lean how to modify your perspective, increase your awareness and use behavior to make better decisions in social interactions.

  • The Communication Stack

    How to be a clear, confident, and compassionate communicator. This 3 hour presentation also encorporates group exercises and individual feedback.


Customized Programs

30-90 days

Behavioral change takes time. Our customzied programs are data driven paths for organizational change.  All programs include extensive video recording, assessment, and high levels of accountability. The experience is considerbaly different from what most organizations consider to be training.

  • Reinventing Presentation Delivery

    A customized presentation program designed to teach all of the tools necessary to deliver highly engaging and effective presentations. The program is focused on reviewing, dissecting, and reconstructing organizational presenations. A large emphasis is placed on teaching presentors to  actively read and adjust to audience behavior.

  • Reducing Founder Friction

    The stress of running high growth startup can create friction and communication problems among senior leadership. We created a customized mediation and skill building program in order to reset and recreate how senior leadership communicates. In short, we have created a highly immersive and effective “couple’s” therapy for founders.

  • Removing Behavioral Blindspots of Senior Leadership

    The practice of leading by example is frequently stated in leadership communication. However, most training addresses this at a conceptual level not a practical one. We use video cameras and behavioral based methods to ensure behavioral congruency and make sure the core ethos of the organization is displayed in the behavior of senior leadership. and a lot more.

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“Blake, was one of the most effective and engaging speakers we have ever had. He is the Big Mac of Speakers. He is like a really great vanilla milk shake with a giant cheeseburger. I strongly reccomend him.

Kristo Käärmann
CEO of Trasferwise