Dynamic Presentations is a highly interactive 19-hour experience designed to empower you with all of the tools necessary to deliver highly engaging and effective presentations. The class features video analysis of your recorded presentations, as well as a private consultation with a nationally recognized body language expert. Upon completion, you will never communicate information in the same way again.

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18 Hours of Class Time

The class is divided into two consecutive 9-hour days that typically take place over the weekend. With 18 hours of intense training, we will provide hands-on experience and invaluable knowledge to transform you into an effective and confident public speaker.  

How to Reduce Anxiety

Minimizing anxiety is essential for delivering dynamic, engaging presentations. We will teach you how to quickly calm your nerves by modifying body language and thoughts. These powerful techniques will enable you to instantly decrease anxiety associated with public speaking.  

1-Hour Private Consultation

Each student will receive a one-hour private consultation, in which we will address your unique strengths and weaknesses and help you develop a personal presentation style that is right for you. We will also use this session for your first video evaluation.  

How to Captivate People's Attention

Have you ever had trouble paying attention while listening to a talk? This experience is often created by specific nonverbal behaviors put forth by the speaker. We will help you cultivate proper nonverbal cues to gain and maintain the attention you deserve.  

Unlimited Refresher Courses

At The Nonverbal Group, we offer unlimited refresher courses for all of our class offerings. The presentation class is no exception. If you want to take the course again, feel free to come back whenever you like.  

How to Read Your Audience

Being able to read the audience is the single most important skill of a dynamic presenter. People constantly communicate their opinions, feelings, and interest during a presentation. We will show you how reading a crowd can provide you with a wealth of information for delivering a much more engaging presentation.  

5 Presentations Recorded & Analyzed

We use video analysis as our primary method for identifying the strengths and weaknesses of our clients. Five of your presentations will be recorded during the class, so we can track your progress and identify areas for improvement.  

Nonverbal Behaviors of the World's Greatest Presenters

We will reveal proprietary results of an extensive nonverbal analysis of some of the most effective presentations ever delivered. Common themes identified through this analysis will empower you with valuable insights to improve your own presentation style.  

Comprehensive Materials

All students will receive a comprehensive course manual, which will highlight everything discussed in the class. You will also receive the video footage of your journey, as well as a thorough assessment of your strengths, weaknesses, and progress.  

The Secrets of Clear and Effective Communication

Subtle changes in your voice patterns, body language, and energy can significantly enhance your ability to communicate with an audience. We will work through a series of exercises to help you become a more clear and powerful communicator.  

Unlimited Presentation Nights

The Nonverbal Group hosts a presentation night 1-2 times a month. Join like-minded people and practice presenting in a safe and welcoming environment. This is a great opportunity to hone your skills and develop your most effective presentation style.  

How to Organize a Presentation

The best presentations flow seamlessly and often feel incredibly natural. The structure and organization of a presentation must be clearly defined to allow for successful transmission of information. We will show you how to create a clear outline for delivering an amazing presentation.  

A Custom-Tailored Experience

What you choose to work on is entirely up to you. A sales pitch, personal branding, storytelling there are dozens of different reasons that someone may want to present. Once you identify your reasons for taking the class, we will ensure that you gain the skills to deliver the most effective speech possible.  

How to Tell a Story

Stories are one of the most powerful methods for communicating information. We will teach you how to use story-based narratives to communicate valuable information and engage your audience.  

Expert Advice

All classes are led by Blake Eastman, the founder and head instructor of The Nonverbal Group. Blake is a nationally recognized body language expert and has been speaking publicly 40+ hours per week for the past 6 years. He is also the guy in the videos.  

How to Create Visually Stunning Slides

It's hard to engage with an audience when you are focused on reading information off the slides. We will show you how PowerPoint can be used to create powerful visual aids that accentuate your slides and propel your presentation to the next level.  

How to Set Up Your Speaking Environment

Leveraging your immediate environment can be a powerful method for increasing the overall effectiveness of your presentation. We will show you how changing seating, lighting, and other environmental variables can have a profound effect on your audience's experience.  

How to Answer The Toughest Questions

Spontaneous questions from the audience may put you on the spot. We will teach you how to handle the toughest of questions in the most respectful and empowering way.  

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