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What is required in order to become a body language consultant?

What is required in order to become a body language consultant?

Academic Background

Individuals interested in conducting any sort of professional research should have at least a graduate degree in psychology or a closely related social science. Academic research can be quite complex and is often misinterpreted. A solid background in statistics and research methodology is required in order to fully comprehend this research. Only after understanding existing studies can you conduct your own independent research.

Extensive Review of the Literature

To consult in a specific area, it is vital that you are aware of all of the available research on that topic. It is equally as important to keep yourself familiarized with all new research.  In other words, you must perform a comprehensive review of literature.  There are thousands of studies on nonverbal communication available; reviewing all of these is an extensive task that may take years.

Independent Research

Academic research is often conducted in highly controlled environments rather than real-world settings. In reviewing these studies, I became skeptical of this assumed experimental design. I decided to use my own, independent field research as a method for challenging these assertions. I have learned volumes about nonverbal communication through conducting my own research. By breaking down video footage of couples on dates and observing others in naturalistic settings, I have not only coded various expressions of nonverbal communication, but gained insight into the reasons behind them.

Natural Inclination

Every individual has the ability to improve his or her nonverbal skills. However, some are more aware and better at observing these changes in others.  Any nonverbal communication consultant should posess a natural inclination toward reading body language, along with the necessary research, training, and academics to strengthen those abilities. The consultant should be able to assess an individual’s nonverbal skills across a wide range of social situations and then be able to effectively modify them.


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