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Dating & Relationships

When it comes to dating, a mastery of nonverbal communication may be your greatest asset. After all, no matter who you're courting and what they're like, they communicate through body language. You just need to know what to look for! We've conducted dozens of dating experiments in New York City—analyzing people as they flirt over cocktails, coffee, and card games. After just one session, our students never look at dating in the same way!

*Research Study Participant
The Signs of Interest and Attraction

We conducted the bulk of our research during a number of pre-arranged first dates, analyzing footage of various couples as they got to know each another. The conclusion: men and women display affection quite differently, exhibiting signs of interest or displeasure through various nonverbal cues. You'll learn how to identify these often subtle gestures and arm yourself with the knowledge necessary to display or conceal your own feelings.

*Actual Class Footage
The Science Behind the Dating Scene

When it comes to dating world, the Nonverbal Group has extensive research experience. We have videotaped, observed, and interviewed hundreds of people about their dating experiences and habits. This portion of the class will discuss mistakes in the dating and relationship scene. Are you never approached at bars? Or just not sure how to approach someone? Want to know the biggest mistakes made on a first date? If you're single, listen closely.

Are they Lying, Cheating, or Madly in Love

Relationships can be complicated and confusing, but there is a way to know if your significant other has lost interest. This portion will take a closer look at couples, analyzing body language at key points in the relationship. You will learn how to identify the signs of a healthy relationship and know what to look for in failing ones

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