A 2-HOUR Interactive Workshop That Will Change The Way You Socialize Forever

Every day people are displaying volumes of information that the average person rarely recognizes. Body Language Explained will show you how to identify and make sense of over 100 different nonverbal cues. The class will open your eyes to a world of information you never knew existed and you will walk out the door with the unique ability to read peoples true emotions and desires.


Body Language Explained is a 2-hour, highly interactive introduction to body language and its practical implications. This class will show you how to identify and understand over 75 different nonverbal gestures. This class will show you how to utilize nonverbal communication in dating, relationships, work, and everyday life. This class is designed to be highly interactive: students will gain one-on-one insight from a body language expert and psychology professor. We promise that it will be the most useful evening you’ve ever spent in a classroom!



Body Language Adjustment in Real Time

Having a difficult time with the bar scene or making friends at work? It’s incredibly difficult to know what signs you are communicating on a daily basis. Body Language Explained offers you the unique opportunity to work with a body language expert on the signals you may project. We can spot things in minutes that have been effecting your life for years.


Explore Research on Nonverbal Communication

The Nonverbal Group has a strong commitment to research and has conducted a wide range of studies on nonverbal communication. In our classes, we show footage of blind dates and comment about their nonverbal interactions. Exploring our past and present research is not only an interesting experience, but will strengthen what you have learned.


A Highly Interactive Experience

Interaction is a highly effective method for solidifying new information. An interactive class gives you the opportunity to practice and solidify what you have learned. Through both group participation and one-on-one interactions, we will analyze video footage and make real time adjustments to your body language

*Research Study Participants

Dating & Relationships

When it comes to dating, a mastery of nonverbal communication may be your greatest asset. After all, no matter who you’re courting and what they’re like, they communicate through body language. You just need to know what to look for! We’ve conducted dozens of dating experiments in New York City┬Śanalyzing people as they flirt over cocktails, coffee, and card games. After just one session, our students never look at dating in the same way!

*Research Study Participant

The Signs of Interest and Attraction

We conducted the bulk of our research during a number of pre-arranged first dates, analyzing footage of various couples as they got to know each another. The conclusion: men and women display affection quite differently, exhibiting signs of interest or displeasure through various nonverbal cues. You’ll learn how to identify these often subtle gestures and arm yourself with the knowledge necessary to display or conceal your own feelings.

*Actual Class Footage

The Science Behind the Dating Scene

When it comes to dating world, the Nonverbal Group has extensive research experience. We have videotaped, observed, and interviewed hundreds of people about their dating experiences and habits. This portion of the class will discuss mistakes in the dating and relationship scene. Are you never approached at bars? Or just not sure how to approach someone? Want to know the biggest mistakes made on a first date? If you’re single, listen closely.

Are they Lying, Cheating, or Madly in Love

Relationships can be complicated and confusing, but there is a way to know if your significant other has lost interest. This portion will take a closer look at couples, analyzing body language at key points in the relationship. You will learn how to identify the signs of a healthy relationship and know what to look for in failing ones


The Work Place

Nonverbal skills are of the utmost importance in the workplace, where a single inappropriate stare can send an employee packing. Drawing on over fifty years of industrial organizational psychology research, we’ve come to a number of definitive conclusions. First, your handshake is crucial. Second, nuanced body language can effectively sabotage the competition. Third, there is a lot more behind nailing a presentation than how pretty your powerpoint is!

Office Politics, Dealing with the Boss, and Nailing that Interview

Exhibiting a mastery of nonverbal communication skills can be vital to your career. From meetings to interviews, we will discuss various situations, common mistakes, and how to best solve them. When should you nod your head? What should you do with your hands? Is it necessary for a woman to cross her legs? What’s the perfect amount of eye contact?

*Actual Research Participants

The Handshake Workshop

Just a handshake, right? Think again. Study after study has shown that the handshake is one of the most important gestures, especially in business. We will review the handshake at length, discussing various types and when they should used. We will work on getting your handshake to be the perfect sign of confidence and assurance.


The Perfect Presentation

Volumes of research have been conducted on what makes an effective presentation. When it comes to presentations perception is everything. We will discuss how speech rate, tone fluctuation, constant movement, and a variety of nonverbal tools can be used to make you a more credible and effective speaker.

Everyday Life

Most communication is nonverbal, and unfortunately, most people aren’t naturally equipped with the skills to use it effectively. This portion of the workshop will discuss tactics for using effective body language in everyday life. Been waiting for your table reservation forever? They won’t repair your cellphone? You will be shocked to learn how effective nonverbal communication can be used to get exactly what you want.


The Power of a Touch and Smile

The simple power of touch and smile are incredibly effective methods for getting what you want. They both can lean lead to a singificant increase in tips, cooperation, and more. We will take a look at the different types of smiles and touches and show you whats appropriate for which setting.

Building Rapport

“Are we on the same wavelength?” It’s the question you’ve asked hundreds of times, and we’ve finally got your answer! Studies show that nonverbal communication plays a crucial part in establishing rapport with your colleagues, friends, and potential suitors. It’s the little things that count: for example, matching another’s gestures, or expressing empathy through specific eyebrow movements. It’s those small details that help foster and maintain long-lasting emotional connections.

Liar Liar

You might have a hard time believing that you lie every single day, but studies show that people tell 2-3 lies every 10 minutes. Even conservative estimates suggest that we fib at least once every 24 hours. In this portion of the workshop, we will help you detect these false tales and teach you how to disguise your own necessary white lies. It may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised┬ů sometimes we’re all a bit gullible!


Body Language Explained was created by Blake Eastman (Guy in the video above), founder of The Nonverbal Group. Blake is a psychology professor and body language consultant with years of research experience in nonverbal communication. At the moment, Blake teaches all of the Body Language Explained workshops. You can read more about him on our “About” page.


Our workshops are interactive in the sense that we try to get everyone to participate and act out nonverbal signs and scenarios. Rest assured, we maintain a comfortable environment. You may even leave with some new friends!


Of course! We even have a custom gift certificate that you can print out. Just contact us and we will make sure we put a custom package together for you.


We understand people have crazy schedules and sometimes things happen. If you need to reschedule it isn’t a problem just reply to your confirmation e-mail 72 hours before the class and let us know which date you would like to be moved to.